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Start-Up (2020)

Start-Up (Korean) is a South Korean television series starring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na. Start-Up aired on tvN from October 17 to December 6, 2020, on Saturdays and Sundays. It is streaming on Netflix.

Young entrepreneurs aspiring to launch their own companies in the cutthroat world of Korea’s high-tech industry must compete for success in both business and love.

Set in one of Korea’s advanced tech sector, “Start Up” tells the story of four people who get involved with The Sandbox Company, where entrepreneurs compete to get the backing their companies need to succeed.

Seo Dal-Mi has had too many unfulfilling retail jobs, and she is very unsatisfied with the way her life is going. With all her experience she feels that she is equipped start and managing her own company. Although she does not have the others feel are the qualifications, she does have her dreams, lots of ambition, and the soul of a entrepreneur. As a teenager she had a pen pal named Nam Do-San, who she grew to love through his letters, and her love for him was always part of her life.

Nam Do-San, a math genius, has been the pride of his family since childhood. He is the founder of Sam San Tech, a start-up company that has been seeking investors to allow them to move their business into a top tech company. However, because of Nam Do-San’s limited business acumen, his company is floundering. But things begin to change when Seo Dal-Mi mistakenly remembers him as the pen pal she fell in love with her first love and he plays along.

Han Ji-Pyeong, a team leader at SH Venture Capital, has astonishing investment skills and a sharp tongue, which earned him the nickname, “the Gordon Ramsay of investments.” Though he’s prickly to most people, there is one person who has earned his heart. Orphaned when he was 18, he was helped by Seo Dal-mi’s grandmother and he never forgot her kindness. Han Ji-Pyeong was the Nam Do-san who wrote letters to Seo Dal-mi at her grandmother’s request. In the start-up world, Han Ji-Pyeong is judge, jury, and executioner, and his pragmatic advice helps start-ups either become successful or fall into obscurity.

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