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49 Days (2011)

49 Days (2011) [49 il] is a South Korean television series starring Lee Yo-won, Nam Gyu-ri, Jo Hyun-jae, Bae Soo-bin, Jung Il-woo and Seo Ji-hye. It aired on SBS from March 16, 2011 through May 19, 2011.

In 49 Days, sweet but gullible, Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri) is living a perfect life: she is the only daughter of wealthy, doting parents and is surrounded by supportive close friends. She is also engaged to be married to the perfect man, Kang Min-ho (Bae Soo-bin), in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile, Song Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won) is in crisis after her boyfriend’s tragic death. She works third shift at a convenience store so she sleeps in the afternoon, and when she is not working or sleeping, she is often contemplating suicide.

One day Yi-kyung attempts to kill herself by walking into oncoming traffic. She is saved by a bystander and pulled out of harm’s way. However, her actions cause a massive pile-up of cars which Ji-hyun is caught in when she fails to hit the brakes as she approaches the collision site, and she crashes into a truck. When Ji-hyun regains consciousness after the accident, she can’t make physical contact with the people crowding around her car no one appears to be able to hear her protests. She also sees her own body being placed into an ambulance. A motorcyclist nearby seems to be the only person who can see her, but she leaves him to follow the paramedics attempting to revive her body in the ambulance. When she meets the cyclist again at the hospital, he reveals to her that he is the “Scheduler,” an angelic being charged with guiding souls to their final destinations. He explains that it is not yet her time to die, so she is being given the opportunity to recover from her comatose state and live again. However, the offer is contingent on the completion of a mission, she has 49 days to collect three teardrops shed for her out love by three people who are not related to her. Elated by the seemingly easy task, Ji-hyun immediately thinks of her fiancé and two best friends and is certain she will live again. She then finds herself in the body of the suicidal Yi-kyung for which she will remain for the duration of her quest.

Ji-hyun seeks employment as a waitress at a restaurant owned by her high school friend, Han Kang (Jo Hyun-jae). While in the process of obtaining her proof of employment at a hotel where the real Yi-kyung worked, Ji-hyun’s memory begins to return to her. Before the accident, Ji-hyun had agreed to meet up with her best friend Shin In-jung (Seo Ji-hye) to show her the bridesmaid dress Ji-hyun had chosen for her. Ji-hyun’s excitement is muted when she makes an significant discovery that reveals the deception around her. She painfully realizes her life was less than perfect, and that it will no be easy to find people who truly love her.

Episodes: 20

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