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Ashes of Love (2018)

Ashes of Love (2018) is a Chinese television series directed by Chu Rui Bin and based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun and Luo Yun Xi in the lead roles. The series premiered on Jiangsu TV starting August 2, 2018.

In Ashes of Love, a frost flower fairy who is unable to feel emotion, is caught up in a love triangle with two warring deities, the Demon Lord and Night Immortal.

Jin Mi (Yang Zi) is the daughter of the Flower Deity and Water Immortal. The deity learns that her daughter will suffer a great love trial, so she gives the baby girl a magical pill that prevents her from feeling any emotion or falling in love.

When Jin Mi mistakenly believes that her father died at the hands of the Fire Immortal, Xu Feng (Deng Lun), she kills him and ends up coughing up the magic pill in the process. Xu Feng comes back to life as the Demon Lord and challenges the Night Immortal, Run Yu (Luo Yun Xi), who took over the throne as the Heavenly Emperor.

Jin Mi is now caught between the two warring lords and her destiny is unknown.


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