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I Hear You (2019)

I Hear You (2019) is a Chinese comedy, romance television series directed by Sunny Hsu and based on the popular web novel, The Most Pleasant Thing to Hear, written by Shi Xiao Zha. I Hear You (2019) stars Riley Wang Yi-Lun and Zhao Lu-Si. Originally streaming on Youku, the 24-part romantic comedy will begin streaming on Netflix on May 15, 2019 to subscribers in 190 countries.

In I Hear You (2019) a rich and aloof violin maker and music prodigy is forced to strike up a relationship with a sweet girl next door type after they are unexpectedly cast as a couple by a friend and a relative working on a reality-couples show.

Bei Erduo (Zhao Lu-Si) wants to study in Japan to become a voice dub actor. To save up money for her trip, Erduo hesitantly becomes a contestant on a reality TV show to help out her friend Tang Li, who is a producer of the reality dating show. She gets coupled with Ye Shuwei (Wang Yi-Lun), a genius violin player and composer who comes from a wealthy background. Ye Shuwei was forced to join the reality show after losing a bet with his nephew, You Sheng, also a producer of the show. Another reason Ye Shuwei is participating in the show is to identify the person who correctly answered his audition question. Bei Erduo and Ye Shuwei are forced to live in Ye Shuwei’s home together to save the reality show when their relationship is questioned by fans. As the couple get to know one another, sparks fly and hearts change.


Riley Wang Yi-Lun, Zhao Lu-Si

Episodes: 24

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