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One Spring Night (2019)

One Spring Night (2019) [Bombam] is a South Korean television series starring Han Ji-min, Jung Hae-in and Kim Jun-han. It aired from May 22, 2019 to July 11, 2019.

In One Spring Night (2019) a couple, Kwon Gi-seok (Kim Jun-han) who is a banker, and Lee Jeong-in (Han Ji-min) who is a librarian, are now both in their 30s. They have dated for four years and when they begin to discuss marriage, they are forced to take a deeper look at their relationship. When pharmacist and single father, Yu Ji-ho (Jung Hae-in) has a chance meeting with librarian Lee Jeong-in (Han Ji-min), together they begin to realize that there is more to love than what they have experience in the past.

Episodes: 32

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