Spark (2016)

Spark is a cute South Korean mini music, romance, web drama television series directed by Kim Woo Sun. It stars Na In U and Nam Bo Ra. It aired on Naver TV Cast from July 25, 2016 through August 11, 2016. It is currently playing on Netflix.

Son Ha Neul (Nam Bo Ra) is a young woman who lost her parents in a terrible accident. She has been living at a friend’s house and working as many odd jobs as possible to support herself. Musical genius, Yoon Ga On (Na Jong Chan), is a member of the famous idol group Dexter. One night Son Ha Neul is working a temp job on the production of Dexter’s music video and after eating bad food she gets an upset stomach but the restrooms are all full and, in a panic, she is finally forced to go outside in the dark and find some bushes. She is mistaken as paparazzi by Ga On who thinks she is hiding information behind her back, but it is really toilet paper. As they argue, they are both struck by a meteor which changes both their lives forever. After being struck, Ga On starts emitting electricity from his body so that he cannot touch anything with electrifying himself and whatever he touches. He soon discovers that Ha Neul can stop the electrical current if she is touching him, which allows him to work and perform. He gives her a job working with him but they don’t exactly get along, until a different kind of spark flies between them.

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