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Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017)

Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017) [Himssenyeoja Do Bong-sun] is a South Korean television series directed by Lee Hyung Min. It stars Park Bo-young in the title as well as Park Hyung-sik and Ji Soo. It aired on JTBC from February 24, 2017 to April 15, 2017. The series became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history.

Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017) is about Do Bong-soon, (Park Bo-young) a woman born with superhuman strength who aspires to be a game developer. She comes from a long line of women who possess this supernatural strength, which can only be used for good and not for personal gain or it is taken away. When Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the CEO of Ainsoft gaming company witnesses her strength, he hires her as his personal bodyguard and asks her to help him find a man who is making death threats against him. She takes on the job, but must also help a police detective, who she secretly has a crush on, to capture a kidnapper in her neighborhood.

Episodes: 17

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