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The Bride Of Habaek (2017)

The Bride of Habaek (2017) (Korean: Habaekui Shinbu) is a fanciful South Korean television series derived from the 2006 sunjung manhwa Bride of the Water God by Yoon Mi-kyung. The series stars Shin Se-Kyung, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Lim Ju-Hwan, Krystal Jung and Gong Myung. It aired from July 3, 2017 to August 22, 2017.

The Water God Ha Baek (Nam Joo-Hyuk) visits earth to fulfill a mission before taking over the throne in his world. He enlists the help of a servant in the human world, psychiatrist Yoon So Ah (Shin Se-Kyung), whose ancestors had been serving The Water God for generations, unbeknownst to her. Unfortunately she doesn’t believe in the gods and she mistakes Ha Baek for a delusional patient. Things become really complicated when the Wind God Bi Ryum (Gong Myung), the Water Goddess Moo Ra (Krystal Jung), and the Demi-God Hoo Ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) show up with their own plans.

Episodes: 16

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