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Well-Intended Love (2019-2020)

Well-Intended Love (2019)

Well-Intended Love (2019-2020) is a Chinese romance comedy drama television series starring Wang Shuang, Xu Kai Cheng, with Yi Ian, Quan Shuo Huang and Jia Xi Liu. Well-Intended Love was original released on January 17, 2019 on Chinese streaming service Sohu. It began streaming on Netflix in May of 2019. Season two wrapped production at the end of summer 2019 and was released on Sohu on February 13, 2020, and on Hotpot TV on February 20, 2020. Hopefully season 2 of Well-Intended Love will drop on Netflix in June of 2020.

In Well-Intended Love (2019-2020), a third-rate actress, Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) with leukemia becomes entangled with the powerful CEO of a company, Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng) because she needs him for done marrow. In order to receive a bone marrow transplant and continue her career as an actress, Xia Lin enters into a secret, contracted marriage with CEO Ling Yi Zhou. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encounter as they navigate their relationship, the two wind up finding love.

Episodes Season 1: 20

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Well-Intended Love (2019)

Well-Intended Love: Boss (2020)

“Well Intended Love: Boss Season 2” is a 2020 Chinese drama series directed by Wu Qiang and starring Simona Wang and Xu Kai Cheng.

In Season 1 of “Well Intended Love,” out-of-luck actress Xia Lin (Simona Wang) is diagnosed with leukemia but is told that a controlling conglomerate CEO named Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng) is a compatible bone marrow donor for her. She asks him to help. He agrees, but only on the condition that she marriy him.

Season 2 does not start off where Season 1 ends, instead it is a new story with the same premise as Season 1. Characters throughout Season 2 continuously remember bits and pieces of one another from some unknown past or possibly from another, parallel, universe.

In Season 2 of Well Intended Love: Boss, Xia Lin is a already famous actress who has yet to meet Ling Yi Zhou. However, once again their fates become intertwined when Xia Lin attends a gala and ends up getting into an embarrassing situation with Ling Yi Zhou from which damning photos and a video appear on social media. To solve the problem they decided to hold a joint press conference to clear the air, but this event takes a sudden and bizarre turn when Ling Yi Zhou tells the media that he and Xia Lin are actually engaged.

Episodes Season 2: 20

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