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You’ve Fallen for Me (Heartstrings) 2011

Heartstrings (2011 [Neon Naege Banhaesseo] is a South Korean television series starring Park Shin-hye and Jung Yong-hwa. It aired on MBC from June 29, 2011 through August 19, 2011. This drama reunited Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye who starred together in the TV series You’re Beautiful (2009).

You’ve Fallen for Me (Heartstrings)

You’ve Fallen for Me (Heartstrings) takes place at a performing arts college where a series of misunderstandings causes guitarist and vocalist Lee Shin (Jung Yong-hwa), the cocky leader of “The Stupid” band, majoring in modern music, and Lee Gyu-won (Park Shin-hye), majoring in Traditional Korean Music, to start off on the wrong foot. Gyu-won does not see what others see in Lee Shin. He is handsome, but cold and he has no interest in anything but music. He is very popular, but Gyu-won can not figure out why. One day she is forced to attend his band’s concert with friends who are fans of the band. When she sees Lee Shin perform live, she is completely captivated by him.

Episodes: 15

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