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My Country: The New Age

My Country: The New Age (2019) [Naui Nara] is a South Korean action, drama, history television series starring Yang Se-jong, Woo Do-hwan, Kim Seol-hyun and Jang Hyuk. It aired on JTBC from October 4, 2019 through November 23, 2019. It also aired on Netflix.

My Country: The New Age takes place during the transitional period between the end of the Goryeo dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon dynasty. During this time two friends become enemies following a misunderstanding and they will fight against one another their own way to try to protect their country, and the people they love.

The action historical drama My Country: The New Age is set during the end of the Goryeo period into the beginning of the Joseon period when the term “my country” means different things to different people, including two friends who end up fighting one another for their beliefs. Seo Hwi, (Yang Se-jong) is the son of famous swordsman Seo Geom, a commander who was framed and and put to death. In spite of what happened to his father, Seo Hwi has become a great warrior who will not compromise when confronting injustice. His life is anything but pleasant, but he continues to live righteously.

Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan) is an intelligent, talented and ambitious military officer who is the illegitimate son of a high-ranking official, however, he is looked down upon because his mother was born into the lowest class of society. Sun-ho’s goal is to pass the military service examination, but due to a corruption scandal involving his father, Sun-ho’s dream is lost to him. After a misunderstanding Seo Hwi and Nam Sun-ho find themselves in conflict with one another in a turbulent fight for the meaning of my county.

Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) and Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan) see their fates become intertwined with Han Hee-jae (Kim Seol-hyun), an intelligent and outspoken woman raised by kisaengs in Ihwaru.

Yi Bang-won (Jang Hyuk) is a prince who helps his father overthrow the Goryeo dynasty, but he goes unrecognized for his contributions.

All have reasons to stand and fight their own way — to protect their loved ones, to motivate change, and to prevent anyone in the country from being left behind.

Episodes: 16

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