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My First First Love (2019)

My First First Love (2019) [Cheossarangeun Cheoeumiraseo] is a South Korean romance drama television series starring Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon and Jung Jin-young. The first season was released on Netflix on April 18, 2019. The second season was released on July 26, 2019.

The series is a reboot of the 2015 OnStyle drama My First Time, which was produced by the same production company. The latter’s writer Jung Hyun-jung is credited as the series creator.

My First First Love (2019) Season 1 Trailer

My First First Love (2019) tells the story of five youths and their difficult encounters with the concept of first love. Yoon Tae-oh (Ji Soo) is a college student whose friends, a college drop-out, Choe Hun (Kang Tae-oh), a runaway family friend, O Ga-rin (Choi Ri), and his long-time childhood friend, Han Song (Jung Chae-yeon), decide to unexpectedly move into his house because of issues of their own. Now they must all learn to live together and learn about what it means to love.

Episodes Season 1: 16

My First First Love Season 2

The second season of My First First Love continues the journey of the youths who realize that “first love” really means learning to understand the frustrating and confusing feelings of love.

My First First Love (2019) Season 2 Trailer

Episodes Season 2: 16

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