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Good Morning Call (2016-2017)

Good Morning Call [Guddo Mōningu Kōru] is a cute and refreshing Japanese romantic comedy drama based on a popular comic book by Yue Takasuka. It is directed by Fujio Takashi and Kawahara Yo and starring Fukuhara Haruka and Shiralshi Shunya. It stars Fukuhara Haruka and Shirraishi Shunya. Season one streamed on Fuji on Demand and Netflix Japan aired on February 12, 2016 through June 10, 2016.

In Good Morning Call, Nao rents her dream apartment, but things are not what they seem when she finds out she will be sharing it with high school heart throb Uehara and no one can now they are living together.

In Good Morning Call, Yoshikawa Nao stays behind to live by herself when her parents inherit her grandpa’s farm in the countryside. On the day she moves into her new apartment, she discovers that it was also rented also Uehara Hisashi; a cute, super-cool, popular guy from her high school. Not only did their housing agency unexpectedly close down, but the landlord tells them they will have to pay more rent than they had expected. With no money and no home to return to, Nao and Hisashi decide to share the apartment as flatmates.

Season 1: 17

Good Morning Call: Our Campus Days

A second season called Good Morning Call: Our Campus Days aired on September 22, 2017 through November 28, 2017.

Season 2: 10

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