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Sumika Sumire (2016)

Sumika Sumire (2016) [Sumi ka Sumire] is a Japanese romance television drama directed by Imai Kazuhisa and starring Kiritani Mirei, Matsuzaka Keiko, and Oikawa Mitsuhiro. It aires on TV Asahi from February 5 through March 25, 2015. Sumika Sumire is about a 65 year old woman, Kisaragi Sumi (Matsuzaka Keiko), who never had her youth due to family obligations. Sumika Sumire is a 2016 Japanese Drama based on the manga of the same name. One day she wakes up a 22 year old, Kisaragi Sumire (Kiritani Mirei), and gets a second chance to be young and to fall in love.

Kisaragi Sumi is a 65 year old woman who wakes up in a 20 year old’s body. As a young girl Sumi was pressured to work in the family business., she could not have a youth. Even afterwards, she devoted her entire life to taking care of first her grandmother and then her father and mother. Sumi finds herself turning 65 without ever having had a boyfriend. She takes a little pride in having lived with integrity. But after her mother passes away, she has the sudden thought of regaining her youth once more and making a fresh start in life. A miracle happens to her. One day when Sumi wakes up, she has the appearance of a 20-year-old. Despite being bewildered by this unbelievable reality, she introduces herself as Sumire and gets another try at youth.

Sumi Kisaragi (Matsuzaka Keiko) spent her life working in her family’s flower farm business. She was never able to attend the university she’d dreamed of, but instead stayed behind to care for her grandmother, who was injured in an accident. She then continued to care for her parents as they aged. Although she was content caring for her family and their business, after her mother passes away and she turns 65, she realizes that life has passed her by and she’d never have a chance to attend school or fall in love. Sadly, she wishes she could go back in time and live her life again. One morning she wakes up with the body of a 20-year-old woman and becomes Sumire (Kiritani Mirei)

Episodes: 8

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