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The Girl I Loved (2011-2012)

The Girl I Loved [Bir Cocuk Sevdim] is a Turkish drama television series produced by Turkish Media Corporation (TMC Film) starring Bulent Inal, Cetin Tekindor, Gulcan Arslan and Hakan Kurtas. It premiered on September 9, 2011 through June 18, 2012.

The Girl I Loved, is about young college student Mine and her boyfriend Sinan, who find their dreams upended by disapproving family members and a twist of fate.

In The Girl I Loved, Mine (Gulcan Arslan), is a young and beautiful girl from a conservative family and Sinan (Hakan Kurtas), is a young, handsome man from a wealthy family and her boyfriend. Mine and Sinan are deeply in love and they don’t care about their different family backgrounds and wish only to continue their relationship. The couple has been able to keep their relationship a secret from their parents until a store owner from Mine’s neighborhood catches her sitting with Sinan in his car and he tells her father, Turan (Cetin Tekindor). This makes her conservative father furious and he goes to Mine’s school. Her fellow classmates tell Turan that Mine hasn’t come to school for the past few days. Turan finds and confronts Mine and warns her to be careful. A few days later, Mine goes to visit Sinan at his home, where she meets his father. She overhears a conversation between Sinan and his father, telling Sinan that Mine is not up to their standards and he tells Sinan that he deserves someone better. Mine is disheartened and leaves without telling Sinan. When she goes home at midnight, her father is furious with her. He yells at her, demanding to know where she had been, and Mine faints. Her family takes her to the hospital where they find out that she is pregnant. This leaves Mine’s family very upset. Mine’s father takes her phone away and locks her in her room when she refuses to tell him who the father of the child is. Sinan keeps trying to contact Mine by calling and messaging her. Eventually, Sinan goes to America for further studies as he had planned to do, still not knowing that Mine is pregnant with his child. Mine is left to deal with her family and her pregnancy by herself. In order to save Mine’s life, her father’s boss, Timur (Bulent Inal), a young widower, agrees to marry her and take responsibility for the child. It is an arranged marriage and only on paper, but Mine and Timur begin to develop an attraction for one another. Eventually, Sinan finds out about his child and reenters Mine’s life.

Episodes: 39

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We are sad to report that The Girl I Loved is no longer on Netflix.

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